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Training for non-Japanese Chefs


Japanese cooking lessons for professionals such as non Japanese chefs, non-Japanese who want to open a Japanese restaurant overseas, and hotel chefs.

We offer various classes, including five-day intensive classes and two-week advanced classes. We also teach professional skills such as hygiene, storage, and thawing methods.

We also provide lessons designed for foreign staff at Japanese restaurants, covering cooking, menu development, and supervision.

Graduates and Japanese restaurants will receive certificates from the Japanese Association of Cooking for non-Japanese.

We also offer on-site lessons overseas.

Classes For Business

Some training examples:

Training for Foreign Chefs1

*Providing training in the Philippines for foreign cooks at sea (NS United Ltd.)

Training for Foreign Chefs2

Filipino chefs trained to cook Japanese food on ships (70 recipes in two weeks)

Training for Foreign Chefs3

*Training for a Nigerian chef working in a bar (two months)

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