Washocook Nagoyashowa


Grandma's Nagoya Cuisine

Why don't you try making Nagoya's toraditional dishes with healthy fermented seasonings (soy sauce, miso, vinegar etc.) from Aichi Prefecture.
You can also make Raindrop Jelly  for dessert and matcha to go with dessert.
  1. Rice Balls with  Deep-fried Shrimp (Tenmusu)
  2. Kishimen Noodles
  3. Sauteed Miso Marinated Chicken
  4. Thick rolled egg Omelet (Atsuyaki-tamago)
  5. Spinach with Sesame Seeds
  6. Basic Dashi stock
  7. Matcha & Raindrop Jelly

Seasonal Japanese Cuisine

Why dont' you try making Japanese traditional dishes with healthy fermented seasonings (soy souce, miso, vinegar etc.).  
  1. Rolled Beaf with Okra
  2. Saikyo-yaki of Salmon
  3. Rolled Omelet
  4. Rice Balls with Tsukudani of Shirasu
  5. Miso-soup of the Season
  6. Basic Dashi stock

Chara-ben(Character Lunch Box) Making


Deep-fried Shrimp Rice ball Bento Making Class

Welcome to this online bento making experience from Nagoya City, which is located in the center of Japan. We will make a bento with shrimp Tempura rice ball ( Tenmusu), pretty formed rolled omelet and sausages.
Have you ever heard of Tenmusu?
It is a kind of rice ball with shrimp tempura.
Tenmusu is known as one of local cuisine of Nagoya.
It  still tastes good even if it's  a little cold,
so it's perfect for bento.
Why don't you enjoy making your own boxed lunch.

Junko Otake

Teachers profile
I am Grandma Junko, born and raised in Nagoya. I like cooking and teaching how to cook, especially Japanese food. I have a cooking license. I am a Confectionery Hygiene Master and a vegetable sommelier. I have learned many recipes from my mother and my mother-in-law and studied at cooking schools. I opened a natural food shop about twenty years ago and started a healthy cake and a natural yeast bread cooking classes in 2002. I had a pleasant time cooking together with my son's host-mother from America. This experience made me want foreigners to know that the Japanese food,"Washoku" is tasty and healthy. I welcome everyone.
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