Tai-somen; Sea Bream Thin Noodles class !!

This dish is a special local cuisine served at celebrations in the Seto Inland Sea coastal area of Japan. 

In Hiroshima, where my parents are, from ancient times, it was often used at weddings and events that match the growth of children. 

There is also “Tai Somen” which means Seabream noodles description in a book from the Edo period.

The recipe of sea bream thin noodles has its own way to cook depending

on the area, and family. 

This is based on my mother’s recipe.

She used to serve a large simmered sea bream with Somen noodles on a platter at the end of the meal when people visited us. When they saw it, they were amazed and pleased.

After that, the hostess served the dish on each person’s plate with the broth.

If it’s difficult to find a sea bream, choose a delicious white fish fillet from your country that you can remove the bones easily.

Why don’t you make a gorgeous and delicious sea bream Somen with me?


  • Online lesson

Welcome to this traditional Japanese local cooking class!

First, I’ll explain the ingredients, and then, sharing cooking tips of delicious simmered fish and step-by-step instructions on how to make everything with your cookware.

It’s a simple dish, you can learn how to make this dish to enjoy food with your eyes, taste the Umami and a heart of hospitality that are the basis of Japanese cuisine.

It is a dish that will be appreciated in a wide range of situations such as when families gather or the party.

  • Highlights:                                                                                                                            ① I will tell you how to thaw seafood properly. It’s very easy so that     you never fail. So, it is an eye-opening experience. Taking away the bad fishy smell, it becomes fluffy.                                                                       ②  I will tell you the tips of making simmered fish that you can enjoy the original flavor of fish avoiding getting the fish meat firm. If you use this method, you can apply to any simmered fish recipe.                ③I will teach you how to serve colorful dishes that make people happy in a wide range of situations such as when families gather or the party.
  • Inclusions:  About 1-hour 30 min online traditional Japanese regional cuisine class.                                                                                                                         Recipe( will be provided before the class)
  • Exclusions;   Ingredients and cooking tools for creating your own dishes
  • Meeting Point and Meeting Time:
    This cooking class will be held online. I will send you the ZOOM for our class in advance.




≪Basics of Japanese cuisine and Takikomi Gohan !!≫ class

In this class, I would like to make the Japanese basic soup stock. It is used for delicious cooked rice, miso soup and other small dishes.
Takikomi Gohan is steamed rice made from several kinds of ingredients such as seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, meat, and fish. It is cooked sweet and salty using fermented seasoning such as soy sauce, miso, etc.
Some people living abroad often say that Japanese cooked rice has no taste, but there is a delicious rice dish with such wonderful aroma in Japan!
Moreover, it is very easy to make. Even those who are new to cooking can easily make this delicious rice dish that will make you feel at home.
This is the best menu that eliminates the malnutrition to have after eating some small dishes which go well with good Japanese sake.

Let’s enjoy making a well-balanced and healthy Japanese cuisine!

≪The dishes that go well with SAKE ≫ class


In this class, we make dishes that go well with sake. These are very easy to make. You can enjoy sake tasting with my family.

You know that sake has become popular all over the world now. Some delicious sake can be bought overseas nowadays and there are even some people  living in other countries who are trying to make sake.  

But do you know what kind of dishes go along with sake and make sake even more delicious?

Sake is a fermented food , just like wine, cheese and most seasonings in Japan, so if you drink it with dishes that use fermented foods, the synergistic effect of umami will make the sake even more delicious. I would like to introduce you to dishes that are easy to make using fermented foods that are delicious and are good for your health.

Since our classes will be online for a while, if it is hard to get sake, I would like to show what other alcohol goes well with our dishes.

Of course, when you come to Japan, please try a combination with the sake recommended by my family.

I would like you to have a blissful time and make sure this will be an unforgettable memory for you that you will always cherish for the rest your life.

Now, let's make dishes that go well sake and let's toast together!!

Maki-Zushi (Sushi-Roll)


Sushi is a Japanese national dish. We will make Sushi-Roll.
As ingredients, Sashimi, other cooked fish meat and many kinds of vegetables are used. First, we make long Sushi-rolls with these fillings, and cut them into small round pieces. Sushi-Roll is seved on casual or important occasion , or on the parties that you invite your guests. You can enjoy the class, producing this traditional Japanese food with colorful and delicious tastes, which can be enjoyed both by adults and kids.