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Workers who attend this corporate training course will strengthen relationships with colleagues and learn the importance of teamwork and communication through cooking. Cooking can break down the language and cultural barriers of a multinational workplace, broaden perspectives, and bring employees closer together.

By setting a common goal of cooking popular Japanese dishes, workers with different values or those who may not usually communicate learn to help each other while demonstrating their individual skills and building their team awareness.

Training is available in English and Japanese.


1.What is Team Building Through Cooking?

Teams work together to cook a meal, then eat together at a table. Cooking a meal in a group is filled with elements that are also required when completing a job, such as role division, planning, developing a spirit of cooperation, and creativity.

Typical schedule

Orientation 11:00 ~
Planning 11:20 ~
Cooking 11:35 ~
Presentation 13:15
Gathering 13:30 ~

Teams who participate in cooking-based team building don’t only learn to communicate better by making a meal together. The gathering afterwards gives everyone the chance to show their real personalities in a relaxed atmosphere, which strengthens bonds and improves team unity.

WashoCook can propose plans tailored to team status and the number of participants

  1. Develop mutual respect in new teams!
  2. Get old teams out of ruts by invigorating communication!
  3. Improve the motivation and presentation skills of new employees!

(Also available in Japanese.)

2. Why Use Cooking for Team Building?

Cooking-based team building provides the three major benefits described below.

Build Team Unity

The biggest benefit of team building is that everyone gets a sense of achievement by accomplishing a team goal. As workers move through each cooking process, leaders and members become closer, so problems get discussed and solved as a team.

Each member of the team can demonstrate their strengths and complement others to achieve results, and the exchange of opinions required to complete the task stimulates communication and creates a better team.

Improve the Performance of All Team Members

As the program progresses, team members develop relationships of trust, cooperating with one another and providing encouragement while working toward a goal.

Working toward the same goal increases the motivation of each member, which boosts the performance of the entire team and improves productivity.


3.Tackle New Challenges and Innovate by Cooperating

In the team building process, team members share ideas to solve a problem. They get to have fun together, gain a sense of unity, and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment that cannot be experienced individually, which quickly strengthens their eagerness to cooperate.

The synergy of applying individual strengths as a group will inspire new business plans and generate innovation.

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Here’s what one of our clients had to say about the program.

Corporate Team Building

”We used your cooking-based team building program so that our new managers could learn to communicate better and experience the elements and steps required to build a team.

Having a team mentality while working through the process of (1) planning, (2) role division, (3) cooking, (4) serving, (5) presentations from teams, and (6) enjoying a boisterous meal revealed everyone’s personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. By the end, everyone had firmly settled into a role (lol).

Many of the participants say the program has improved communication and made their teams much more cohesive. What’s more, they’re able to use their new skills in their daily work! You took care of everything and provided a very worthwhile experience!“

Construction Company HR Department Manager (40s)

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