Chara-ben (Character Lunch Box) Making "KUMAMON"


●What's Chara-ben?

Japanese "Bento" is popular as "BENTO" overseas. "Chara-ben", a kind of bento which shapes rice and side dishes into manga and anime characters, is a unique culture of animation advanced country Japan, attracting attentions all over the world.

●Let's make Chara-ben!

In this plan, I gonna introduce you how to make a Kumamon's Chara-ben. This will be an experience of making a very cute chara-ben decorated with seaweed and cheese easily.

●Do you know "KUMAMON"?

He is a PR mascot character in Kumamoto Prefecture, a Japanese city. One of the most famous characters among many mascots.

●Japanese cuisine

I also introduce Japanese cuisine such as bonito soup stock and Japanese seasonings. You can also practice using chopsticks!

●Good location

My lessons are held at my home. You can relax and take lessons as if you were in a homestay.
My house is a 3-minute walk from the nearest station (Tsunashima Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line).
To Yokohama Station in 10 minutes. To Shibuya Station in 20 minutes. 
The access is so good that you can enjoy sightseeing after the lesson.

It will be a good memory of your Japan.
I am looking forward to meeting you!

Start - 15 min
Introduction of today’s recipes and preparation
1 hour 15 min
Demonstration and cooking lesson
45 min (Total 2 hours)
Tasting party

There's nothing special to prepare. Please come with casual clothes.

  • Who love Japanese Cuisine
  • Who are interested in Japanese Home Cooking
  • Who want to make more Japanese friends
  • Lunch that we made together
  • Japanese tea
  • Recipe

We'll be in my studio and cooking school, which has all of the equipment we”ll need to cook incredible dishes together.

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Ai Naka

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【Instructor of dietary education / Vegetable-Fruit advisor】 Hi there! My name is Ai. Prease call me Ai. I am from Yokohama and I still live in Yokohama. I worked internet consulting company as a web director for 11 years. During that time, I gave birth to three children. It was a fun and challenging job, but as the number of children increased, I became to think that dietary education is very important. Especially, I felt the importance of dietary education from the experience of baby food. I reaffirmed the wonderfulness of the "Umami" Japanese food, which is said to be very important for the child's physical and mental development and I wanted to describe it to foreigners. I got certified as a dietary education instructor during maternity leave. After that I continued to study cooking, and in 2018, I career change to a cook. I am working as a chef in a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo. Now, I have cooking classes for foreign moms and babies and Character Lunch Box Making class while continuing the cooking work. I hope to see you in my classes. Let's cooking the fun way!
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