Ganzuki, Brown Sugar Steamed Bun from Iwate Prefecture

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Please note, this recipe includes the use of eggs

Have you ever heard of Ganzuki? If I were to explain it in one word, it would be brown sugar steamed buns. It's a very popular snack in Iwate prefecture.

But where does the name "Wild Goose Moon" come from? you may wonder...

Don't the black sesame seeds and walnuts on the round steamed buns look like geese flying under the round moon? It's very poetic, non?

We use a 20-25 cm diameter flat strainer, but you can use a sieve as a substitute. We need parchment paper to line in the strainer or sieve.
The steaming time depends on the size of the pan, it may take a bit longer than our scheduled time.


  1. ● flour        150 grams
  2. ●Dark brown or light brown sugar  130 grams
  3. ●Bicarbonate of soda (not baking powder) 2 tsp
  4. ●Egg          1
  5. ●Honey  2 tsp
  6. ●Vegetable oil  1 tsp

    1. ●Miso paste     1 tsp
    2. ●Milk             100 ml
    3. ●Vinegar 50 ml
    4. ●black sesame seeds (and walnuts if you like) for topping 1 tbsp