JAPANESE Gluten Free Pork Cutlet

Are you interested in gluten-free cooking? Do you want to try cooking a Japanese meal? Good news!  You can make an all-purpose gluten-free sauce that works with many Japanese dishes!  You can save time and support gluten-free diets and lifestyles while enjoying Japanese cuisine!
In this lesson I will introduce Japanese gluten-free meal made with homemade gluten-free all-purpose sauce.

 Gluten free Pork cutlet = TON KATSU with
MISO sauce.
Side: Traditional Potato Salad

Ingredients (serving 4)

Pork cutlet:   4pc Pork (for cutlet) / 1 egg/ 1cup gluten free flour /
2cups gluten free Panko or corn chips/ salt and pepper / 4 cups cooking oil

MISO Sauce:   3Tbs Miso / 5Tbs Sugar / 2Tbs Sake (Japanese cooking wine) /2Tbs Mirin (Japanese sweet cooking wine)

Potato Salad:   4 Large  size Potato/ 1 medium  Onion / 1/4 English Cucumber/ 4 sliced Hum/ 1 egg /4Tbs Mayonnaise/ 2Tsp grated cheese/ salt and pepper



Follow along with a detailed demonstration from your friendly online instructor and enjoy having experience Japanese Gluten free cooking


1.5-hour online class Recipes (will be provided before the class)

Meeting Point and Meeting Time

This cooking class will be held online. I will send you the ZOOM link after you booked class.