Original sushi-making experience with various toppings in Kyoto

In my class, I show you how to make your original sushi easily , did I mention "cool"? It consists of chirashizushi, vinegar rice mixed or topped with various ingredients, and makizushi, rolled sushi (makizushi could be changed to temarizushi). You can customize it with a few additional ingredients to make special to your taste! And additionally, let's cook miso soup, a side dish and a dessert!
Hope you'll be able to take what you learn in this class and serve your friends and family sushi back home.
Besides that, I also offer other lessons, such as Japanese traditional home cooking and Character-bento making.
How to make Japanese dashi stock is included in all lessons.
When we’re finished, let's eat those dishes together!

Kawaii Maikosan

Cool samurai!!

seasonal plate