Musashino pork soup Udon

Japanese udon is wheat pasta made in thick strips. It is white in color. Musashino area of ​​Tokyo has long been famous for various soba and udon noodles. Among them, Musashino pork soup udon is a menu unique to this area. People usually eat udon in pork broth. In this class, we knead the flour and make udon noodle. At this time, you step on the dough with your feet and knead it. This method has been handed down from ancient time in Japan. The pork broth is made from dashi stock. You are welcome to participate with your children.


  1. Make udon from flour. Step on the dough with your feet and knead it. You may hesitate to step on food with your feet, but since it is put in a plastic bag, there is no hygienical problem. This is a very exciting experience.
  2. Learn how to make dashi stock, which is indispensable for Japanese food. Use the dashi stock to make pork broth.
  3. You can enjoy this cooking class with alone, your family, friends or partner. You cannot experience it anywhere else

☆Please feel free to contact me, press the REQUEST or CONTACT button when you have any questions or requests such as schedule. ☆After booking, I will send you a recipe, so take a look at it for the utensils and detailed ingredients  you need.

Inclusions: About 1-hour 30min. online Japanese popular menu cooking class Recipes (will be provided before the class)

Exclusions: Ingredients and kitchen utensils for creating your own dishes.

Meeting Point and Meeting Time: This cooking class will be held online. I will send you the ZOOM for our class in advance.

Please prepare the following ingredients for this class:


<Ingredients> (serves 2)

200g Udon flour (medium-strength flour = all-purpose flour) If not available, 100g weak flour (plain flour) and 100g strong flour (bread flour),  10g salt, 120ml water, about 30g of cornstarch (or medium-strength flour ) for dusting the dough, 5cm konbu (kelp), 10g katsuobushi flakes (bonito flakes) if you don't have kelp and dried bonito, use 2g of dashi powder, 2tbs soy sauce, 2tbs mirin (or 1 tbs sugar if not available), 200g thin slice of pork belly, 1/2 green onion (or 1/2 onion if not available)

☆Please contact me if you need any advice.


<Kitchen tool>

1 large ball, 1 small ball, fine sieve, 1 plastic bag, 2 extra large plastic bag, kneading board (or a large cutting board if not available), cutting board, kitchen knife, 1 large deep pot, 1 pot, strainer, 1Tbsp, chopsticks, 1rolling pin, 1tray or 1plate