Rolled Sushi Cookig (Canned Tuna and Salmon)

 Rolled Sushi is great  for appetizers or finger food at any parties or potlucks.   Rolled Sushi rice is wrapped with seaweed (Nori) on the outside .
As for my first Rolled Sushi ,  the fillings you need are rolled omelet (tamagoyaki), simmered carrot, blanched spinach, cucumber, lettuce, avocado, and canned tuna.
As for the second  Rolled Sushi, you need  raw(sashimi) salmon  instead of canned tuna.
You can also make Vegetarian Rolled Sushi with just vegetables.
You will enjoy not only the taste but also the colorful presentation after  cut the  Rolled Sushi.  Also, Rolled Sushi is ideal for Bento (box lunches), as the vinegar acts as a preservative.

Rolled Sushi

Salmon (sashimi) Rolled Sushi  & Canned Tuna Rolled Sushi

Vegetarian Rolled Sushi (avocado, cucumber. carrot, spinach))